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Low Income Cut-Offs (LICOs)

Prior to 2011, Statistics Canada used the long-form census to collect income data. In 2011, the mandatory long-form census was replaced by the voluntary National Household Survey (NHS). For the 2011 NHS, low income statistics are presented based on the after-tax low income measure (LIM-AT). This measure is not related to the low income cut-offs (LICOs) presented in the 2006 Census and the measures are not directly comparable due to differences in methodology and response patterns.

In July 2014, Statistics Canada released custom 2011 LICO data for selected populations in private households as well as for some selected cultural groups. This data indicates that 33,700 people (7%) in Simcoe Muskoka lived below the low income cut-offs after tax (LICO-AT) in 2011. In comparison, 11% of residents in Ontario (or 1,360,000) were living below the LICO-AT in 2011.

More data on low income can be found on the Low Income Measures page.