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According to the 2011 Census, themajority of the population living in Simcoe Muskoka spoke English most often at home (97% or 480,490). Only 1% (or 4,650) of Simcoe Muskoka residents spoke French most often at home, while 3% (or 13,220) reported speaking only a non-official language at home. The proportion of the population that speaks English most often in the home is higher in Simcoe Muskoka (97% or 491,090) compared to Ontario (83% or 10,603,715).


The following table displays the top five non-official languages spoken in the home, in Simcoe Muskoka versus Ontario. Overall, Simcoe Muskoka had more European languages selected in comparison to Ontario, where Asian and Southeast Asian languages were most common.

Simcoe Muskoka, % (population)

Ontario, % (population)

Portuguese, 11% (1,510)

Cantonese, 8% (147,795)

Polish, 9% (1,175)

Chinese, 7% (135,665)

Italian, 9% (1,165)

Punjabi, 7% (124,100)

Spanish, 8% (1,105)

Spanish, 6% (106,735)

German, 7% (880)

Mandarin, 5% (96,610)

Data Source: Statistics Canada, Census (2011).
* Data is based on “Single Responses” only from the “Most Often” Census question and excludes English and French.